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An interview with Miguel Mateos " ETA, the way for the CE Marking of Innovative Construction products."


What is the European Technical Assessment (ETA)?
The European Technical Assessment (ETA) is an alternative for construction products not covered by a harmonised standard. It is a document providing information on their performance assessment. The procedure is established in the Construction Products Regulation and offers a way for manufacturers to draw up the Declaration of Performance and affix the CE marking. It contributes to the free movement of construction products and the creation of a strong Single Market.

What benefits does the manufacturer get with an European Technical Assessment (ETA)? It is the basis of the Declaration of Performance, and as such, allows the CE Mark of those products that fall outside the scope of harmonized standards. It is valid in the 28 Member States, in those countries of the European Economic Area as well as in Switzerland and Turkey. The ETA contributes to establish confidence in the performance of a construction product related to its essential characteristics, taking into account its intented use.

Who can issue to the manufacturer an European Technical Assessment (ETA)?
European Technical Assessments can only be delivered by Technical Assessment Bodies (TAB), such as TECNALIA, gathered within the European Organisation for Technical Assessment (EOTA).

Which Products can be assessed trough an European Technical Assessment (ETA)?
In general, any construction product not covered or not fully covered by a harmonized standard. Some examples of product already assessed by TECNALIA are: ventilated cladding kits and their fixing, external thermal insulation composites systems (ETICS), liquid applied roof waterproofing kits, structural sealants glazing systems, internal partition kits, thermal and/or acoustics insulation, wood products, fire stopping, fire sealing and protective products…

Miguel Mateos
TECNALIA´s innovation and conformity assessment point manager


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