Artificial intelligence in the cybersecurity of critical systems

18 November 2022

TECNALIA is at the forefront of the use of artificial intelligence in the cybersecurity of critical systems

Artificial intelligence helps optimise cybersecurity solutions for our customers

We are working to deliver a collection of innovative resilience and autonomous response services that use Artificial Intelligence and Big Datamodels, intended to be encapsulated in cybersecurity tools to ensure continuous protection of the system.

The AI4CYBER initiative addresses the challenges of next-generation cybersecurity services based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). The objective is to develop an ecosystem of tools that support developers and operators of critical systems in efficiently managing system robustness, resilience and appropriate response to advanced cyber-attacks and that also use artificial intelligence.

This ecosystem will be validated in the following cases:

  • Detection and mitigation of AI-driven attacks against the energy sector.
  • Robustness and autonomous adaptation of banking applications to cope with AI-based attacks.
  • Hospital services that are resilient to advanced cyber-physical attacks and which also use AI.

Further information on AI4CYBER

The AI4CYBER solution will ensure that its services are reliable and compliant with fundamental rights by integrating accountability, fairness and technological robustness capabilities of AI used in the components.

Led by TECNALIA, AI4CYBER brings together a balanced set of academic and industrial partners, who play a key role in the ecosystem of next-generation cybersecurity services based on artificial intelligence: CaixaBank, University of Western Macedonia, Montimage, Thales, Search-Lab , Frontendart, European Organisation for Security, PDM E FC, Public Power Corporation, ITTI  Hospital do Espirito Santo de Evora.

*This project has received funding from the Horizon 2020 EU research and innovation program, in accordance with agreement No. 101070450.