Ekain Fernández, elected coordinator of the hydrogen distribution committee at the prestigious hydrogen Europe research

17 July 2020

Hydrogen Europe Research forms part of the most important European hydrogen research association

Recently, Hydrogen Europe Research, one of the most important European hydrogen research associations, has held elections for its Executive Committee.

Ekain Fernández, researcher in membrane technologies and process intensification, is honoured to have been elected “coordinator of the Hydrogen Distribution [PR1] Technical Committee”, which forms part of this Executive Committee.  He takes over from Iñaki Azkarate, who has been carrying out this role meritoriously.

The leading association in Europe in the field of Hydrogen is Hydrogen Europe. It represents 160 industries, 83 research entities and 21 national associations. Together with the European Commission, Hydrogen Europe makes up the public-private partnership (PPP), Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking - FCH JU, which supports research, technological development  and demonstration activities in fuel cell and hydrogen energy technologies.

The Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking incorporates the Hydrogen Europe Research, whose aim is to support and drive research, as well as creating a European framework of scientific and industrial cooperation in hydrogen. 80 research entities, including universities and research centres, participate in this partnership.

In addition to Hydrogen Europe Research, the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking encompasses the Hydrogen Europe Industry, association of industries, and the Hydrogen Europe National Associations, group of national associations.

In the words of Ekain: “I am proud of this appointment as I believe it ratifies the efforts of the team. Acting as coordinators of this technical committee will enable us to maintain close contact with  other committees: hydrogen production and uses of hydrogen; and with groups that address transversal aspects: cross-cutting, hydrogen valleys, supply chain; as well as the Hydrogen Europe Industry. Consequently, we will be able to identify the challenges and opportunities that will steer the development of technological solutions in a field that is becoming extremely important.