Encouraging creativity and innovation in SMEs in the ICT sector

5 October 2017

We have designed a guide to develop innovation and creative thinking in SMEs

ICTs are among one of the main sectors in Europe due to their increasingly important contribution to economic growth and job creation in advanced technologies. As such, it is of vital importance that ICT companies suitably respond to dynamic changes posed by the environment.

This cannot be achieved by focussing on technical skills alone; it is essential that skills related to creativity and innovation are developed and encouraged. With this objective, TECNALIA has taken part in the INNOSPARK project aimed ultimately at contributing to the growth and competitiveness of European industries with high technological content.

A set of complementary tools has been developed as a result of this project:

  1. Self-diagnostic test: through this tool SMEs can assess their level of creative skills and identify areas for improvement (for more information see: )
  2. Innospark Toolkit: based on the results of the diagnostic test, personalised training is offered to improve competitiveness and the ability to innovate.
  3. Best practices and innovation: helps SMEs to learn from the experiences of other companies that have faced similar challenges in their sector, and that have been able to expand their knowledge, skills and creativity.

All the results of the project are available in digital format and can be downloaded here:

INNOSPARK is a project financed by the European Union within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme.