Green biorefining to incorporate crops from degraded soil phytomanagement into the circular economy

22 September 2017

Today’s waste is tomorrow’s resources

In a conference devoted to the presentation of strategies and examples in terms of the Circular Economy related to energy crops and degraded soil phytomanagement, Amaya Arteche, from the Biorefining and Waste Recovery Department, explained the general framework on which the Biorefining model is based and its different types. She addressed Green Biorefining in-depth, presenting the cases developed within this framework in TECNALIA.

Amaya participated as guest speaker with the presentation “Green Biorefining based on a Circular Economy Concept”. This conference, in which Iñaki Susaeta from the IHOBE public company (Basque Government) and Natxo Irigoyen (Navarra Public University) also participated, made it clear that the waste generated today contains essential resources for the future and our obligation is to ensure a more prosperous future for tomorrow. The conference was rounded off with field visits to the experimental plots where real phytomanagement processes are being carried out.

The conference formed part of the summer course organised by the Vitoria-Gasteiz Environmental Studies Centre (CEA) in collaboration with the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), which included other national and international expert speakers.

The conferences highlighted the importance of the synergy and collaboration of all the public and private sectors to foster and implement the circular economy as the only possible development model, the aim of which is to reach sustainability and put an end to the outdated linear system of producing, using and throwing away.

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