Innovative solutions for a circular and sustainable industry

20 January 2023
Soluciones innovadoras para una industria circular y sostenible

"We have developed a modular solution based on technologies such as the recovery of metal waste"

The combination of three technologies makes it possible to achieve a cleaner industry

In the CIRMETinitiative, coordinated by TECNALIA and made up of 15 partners, we have developed three technologies to achieve a cleaner industry. Effimelt consists of the recovery of metal waste; Recuwaste concerns the recovery, transformation and storage of the heat generated; and AFF40 focuses on the digitalisation of these processes.

The combination of these three technologies achieves a social impact that is determined by a reduction in CO2 emissions from fossil fuels; a reduction in the amount of waste that ends up in landfill; and the benefits derived from a reduction in energy consumption.

Reducing the consumption of material and energy resources has become a strategic priority to maintain the competitiveness of the process industry. The current challenge is to increase the use of renewable energy sources, increase energy efficiency and recover the waste generated, giving it a new use and thus promoting the circular economy in industry.

Modular solution based on waste recovery

At CIRMET, we have developed a modular solution based on technologies such as the recovery of metal waste. To do so, we have used a pyrometallurgical process to recover high-value metals and the heat from exhaust gases and transformation into compressed air with the possibility of storing excess energy. Furthermore, the entire process is digitalised through a diverse range of physical and digital tools.

For the end user of this solution, the greatest economic impact comes from the reduction in energy and raw material consumption, and the reduction in the management costs of the waste generated.