Isolated energy systems powered entirely by renewable energy

30 March 2022
Investigadora en la microrred de TECNALIA

It combines renewable generation, isolated grid operation, consumption management, storage, digitalisation and innovative services

TECNALIA is involved in the development of a demonstrator that patents energy systems which foster decarbonisation

The ENERISLA initiative has launched a demonstrator made up of two fully autonomous energy micro-grids that are separated geographically but are integrated in terms of their management system and they are connected via communications protocols.

The innovative demonstrator combines: renewable generation technologies, strategies and operating systems in isolated grids, management of electrified consumption and the integration of storage that uncouples generation from demand. The demonstrator also integrates new technologies for the digitalisation of micro-grids and innovative services.

Renewable generation technologies

  • Increased efficiency of photovoltaic generators through effective error and anomaly detection. To do so, the precision and reliability of mechanistic models for health status characterisation have been improved.
  • Enhancement of photovoltaic modules through the use of different types of adhesives and cells (HJT, Shingling), different coatings with high optical transmittance and durability (e.g. anti-slip solutions for floors), new module technologies with adhesive-connected IBC rear contact cells, and with composite technology for mobility or floating photovoltaic applications.

Isolated grid operating systems

New communication systems allow for the connection of the TECNALIA Thermal Systems Laboratory, located in Gipuzkoa, with its electric micro-grid, located in Bizkaia. Furthermore, a status estimator for the distribution grid is being tested.

Similarly, a new system of optimal management of the flexibility provided by prosumers ( producer+consumer ) equipped with photovoltaic panels, heat pumps and different energy storage systems is being developed.


The development of digital twins for batteries enables us to know the charging and health status of the cells and modules of batteries, and to estimate their degradation. In this task, the architecture of the battery digital twins has been designed and validated, performing adaptive filter tests for a series of cells.

Electrified consumption management

Special attention has been paid to the integration and management of the electric vehicle, through the characterisation of the flexibility that this resource can offer in different charging scenarios, along with conventional demand for it.

The impact on the electric vehicle network and the correct sizing of flexibility resources are currently being analysed.

Digitalisation of innovative micro-grids and services

A new SCADA for the micro-grid will enable a cloud data space to be created for the deployment of advanced services and remote access to laboratories. It will also integrate TECNALIA's Cybersecurity Laboratory in Electrical Networks.

All these activities are being developed within the framework of the ENERISLA project, which has entered its third and final year.

ENERISLA is a project funded by the Research and Innovation Program of the Cervera Network of Excellence (CER-20191002 grant), in which four research centres (CIRCE - Coordinator, TECNALIA, CIDETEC and CTIC) are implementing networking activities in research and technological development from 2020 to 2022.