Certification of Low Voltage Distribution Boards for SIEMENS ENERGY

2 June 2022
Cuadros de Baja Tensión

“The tests were carried out at TECNALIA’s Electrical Labs facilities in Zamudio”

Product certification for SIEMENS ENERGY LLC in Dubai was carried out thanks to the close collaboration between TECNALIA and the INTERTEK certification body

TECNALIA Electrical Labs is recognised by INTERTEK as an ASTA Certified Laboratory. ASTA certificates are recognised and accepted by the electrical and energy sector worldwide.

Tests with the latest edition of IEC 61439-2 under ENAC ILAC accreditation

Tests were carried out on a total of 12 electrical panels of different sizes with currents ranging between 100 and 800 amps: they were carried out according to the latest edition of IEC 61439-2 under ENAC ILAC accreditation.

The scope of the tests included high temperature rise tests (50ºC) and short circuit tests up to 50 kA. In addition, internal arc tests on three of the panels were carried out.

The tests took place at TECNALIA’s Zamudio facilities and were streamed live so they could be supervised by INTERTEK inspectors. The whole process took place satisfactorily and the ASTA certificates for each of the panels tested were issued.