New advanced metal materials

19 August 2022
Ester Villanueva en el Congreso Nacional de Materiales

"Materials increase quality, accuracy, reproducibility and reduce manufacturing costs."

The latest advances in science, engineering and materials technology

TECNALIA presented its advances in research into new advanced metal materialsand their processing at the XVI National Congress of Materials, held in Ciudad Real, via two papers:

Differential thermal analysis in research into alloys, carried out by the PhD fellow, Ester Villanueva, and Ibán Vicario, from material manufacturing processes at TECNALIA, in collaboration with the University of the Basque Country and Mondragon Unibertsitatea.
Design and manufacture of the complex multi-component alloy, in collaboration with Mondragon Unibertsitatea and the University of the Basque Country, with the participation of Ibán Vicario.

The demands for quality and complexity of manufactured parts in sectors such as automotive and aeronautics make the process windows increasingly narrow. This affects the repeatability and stability of this process where variations in material properties and the process itself have a major impact.

Applications of the materials

The application of this type of analysis and tools enables different characteristics of the materials manufactured to be determined by increasing the quality of these materials as well as increasing their precision, reproducibility and decreasing the manufacturing costs.

This Congress, promoted by the Spanish Society of Materials (SOCIEMTAT), is one of the most important events for the scientific, academic and business community related to materials in Spain.