No-code immersive experiences with the Kayrox tool

2 February 2024

“Learn how to create and share virtual, augmented and mixed reality experiences with a no-code web platform”

Create immersive experiences for a variety of purposes such as training, telecare or entertainment with the Kayrox tool.

Kayrox is a tool designed for non-expert users, allowing them to create immersive experiences for various purposes such as training, telecare, entertainment, etc. Kayrox also ensures the security of your data with its on-premise option, and avoids compatibility issues with its own rendering solution. If you would like to know more about Kayrox and its applications, we invite you to watch the webinar that our colleagues Pablo Aguirrezabal, Judit Gómez and Ana Moya did on January 31. They explained how Kayrox is transforming the way we experience the digital world, showing practical examples of 360 experiences, virtual classrooms, VR and augmented manuals.