OMEGA presents TECNALIA's future deep tech business opportunities

8 July 2021

The initiatives presented feature powerful business hypotheses and a differential technological value proposal.

On June 8, TECNALIA held the first OMEGA session in hybrid format: in person + streaming. It unveiled the deep tech, business opportunities will become part of its internal acceleration programme. This is managed by TECNALIA’s deep tech Venture Builder TECNALIA Ventures, on the basis of which it will create its future spin-offs.

The business opportunities that TECNALIA presented in a 10-minute pitch and 10-minute question and answer session are initiatives that present business hypotheses and a differential technological value proposal, generally protected by patents:

  • ISMORE” opportunity: intracranial system for motor rehabilitation of paretic arms of patients affected by all levels of paralysis after a stroke, including those who are totally paralysed. Andrea Sarasola, Health Project Manager, TECNALIA.
  • “OSAD-by-EIT” opportunity: diagnostic device for obstructive sleep apnoea based on electrical impedance tomography. Borja Bonail, Health Project Manager, TECNALIA.
  • “AI4ALL” opportunity: a set of functions or services available through a web application that allows the manufacturing industry to obtain intelligence on processes in a simple way, performing their own analysis and training an AI model adapted to their process. All this, without the need for AI or Data Analytics experts. Gaizka Arizmendiarrieta, Industry and Transport Project Manager, TECNALIA.
  • BIPV” opportunity: technology based on using transparent composite material that makes it possible to manufacture structural photovoltaic modules with excellent mechanical properties and efficiencies equivalent to conventional solutions, which are lightweight and have total design flexibility (geometries, thicknesses, colours, etc.). Jan Sellner, Energy and Environment Market Manager, TECNALIA.

Evaluation Committee

The session was attended by an Evaluation Committee made up of representatives from TECNALIA and TECNALIA Ventures, technology and market experts and representatives from the investment and public administration sectors:

Further information

For more information about OMEGA, please contact the following address for TECNALIA Ventures.