SCAN-N-PLAN: plan and execute robotic trajectories in real time

28 September 2021

Technologies that overcome the limitations of traditional robotics

The programming of traditional robots requires the presence of expert staff, which limits its ability to react to changes in the process. SCAN-N-PLAN came about as a technology to respond dynamically and flexibly to changes in the geometry or presentation of the parts without human intervention; a set of tools that plan and execute robotic trajectories in real-time from 3D acquisitions. A robotic development focused on flexible and collaborative robotics.

These technologies overcome the limitations of traditional robotics in applications with a large number of different references and short series in which manual programming is impractical, when the CAD model of parts is not available, with flexible or deformable parts in which pre-programming is impossible or, when there is a variability from one part to another.

SCAN-N-PLAN performs various operations by hybridizing technologies.

  1. Scanning
    • In a matter of seconds, the software identifies flat surfaces:
      • Surfaces likely to be polished, painted,...
      • In the absence of a CAD model of the part
  2. Planning
    • In less than a second, the software plans the trajectories to carry out the selected operation:
      • Collision-free paths
      • Selected surfaces
  3. Execution
    • The robot executes the paths on the part:
      • The software can adapt to a large variety of different robots
  4. Quality inspection
    • After executing the operation, the system performs a quality inspection with a linear laser:
      • High-resolution 3D reconstruction
      • Identification of flaws

This eliminates manual programming. The operator simply has to select the tasks. SCAN-N-PLAN will adapt to each process based on the automated quality inspection.