Send your proposal to ICAE 2018, the most relevant professional event in architectural envelopes

2 October 2017

Participate as a speaker is an excellent opportunity of visibility to leading companies in the sector

The highest representatives of the industry of façades, roofing and their components, as well as prescribers, constructors and the public administrations will come together in the 8th International Congress on Architectural Envelopes (ICAE 2018), to analyse in-depth the technological developments, debate current issues and consider what envelopes will be like in the future. They will review case studies on the challenges and solutions that most affect our industry today.

Participating as a speaker in this event is an opportunity to be visible to leading companies of the architectural envelope sector at a national and international level, research centres and universities, as well as institutional representatives who visit each edition.

Send your "speaker" proposal and share your experience and acquired knowledge at the most relevant professional event in architectural envelopes at a national and international level.

The following thematic areas will be developed in the new edition: Envelope Projects and Works, Energy Efficiency, Heat Storage and Photovoltaic Systems. Solar Gain, New Materials. Sustainability, Wind, Life-cycle Analysis, Sound Insulation, Glass. Industrialised Systems, Security and new features in this edition are: Industry 4.0, New manufacturing methods (3D printing), Use of robotics in construction, ICTs (augmented reality, BIM, management systems, Internet of Things, etc.)

Therefore, the ICAE Technical Committee encourages companies to participate, providing their points of view, experience and knowledge.

The call for abstracts is now open and the deadline for submission of proposals is 1st December 2017. Don't leave it until the last day!

For further information, contact the secretariat of ICAE 2018

Contact Person: Julen Astudillo, (647 402 258) email:

More information about the call for proposals

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