Smart and sustainable cities for the energy transition

22 June 2022

“The Bilbao Innovation ATELIER of Bilbao mobilises the innovation ecosystem and citizen participation for city energy transition”

TECNALIA coordinates the “Energy System and Urban Mobility” area of the Bilbao Innovation ATELIER, to revitalise the innovation ecosystem for city energy transition

The Bilbao Innovation ATELIER is a collaborative instrument created to facilitate participation and contrast of the innovations of the “ATELIER - AmsTErdam BiLbao cItizen drivEn smaRt cities” initiative with relevant stakeholders and agents in city energy transformation. ATELIER aims to turn Zorrozaurre (Bilbao) and Buikslotham (Amsterdam) into Positive Energy Districts.

Coordinated by the Basque Energy Cluster, the Bilbao Innovation ATELIER includes dissemination and communication work, participatory workshops and training sessions around four thematic areas:

  • Energy System and Electric Mobility, led by TECNALIA
  • Governance, Integrated Planning and Regulation, led by the EVE-Basque Energy Agency.
  • New Funding Tools, led by Deusto Business School
  • Data, Privacy and Data Platforms, led by DeustoTech

Since it was launched in January 2020, nine workshops have been organised within the framework of the Bilbao Innovation ATELIER. They covered many different topics, such as the exchange of experiences and best practices with Basque smart cities; funding tools for energy saving in cities; comprehensive and participatory diagnosis for the energy transition of the city of Bilbao; the value of information in the context of Bilbao’s energy transition; electrification of heat demand; interactive tools; and the digitalisation of urban assets for the generation of new intelligent services.

Relevant stakeholders in the field of city energy transformation took part in all these workshops. Thanks to their contribution, there has been progress in the adaptation of innovations developed for the context of the city. They have also provided knowledge and best practices that allow the results to be replicated in other districts and cities.

The following workshops are planned for 2022:

  • Renovation of Old Houses
  • Creating the Action Plan for the Decarbonisation of Bilbao
  • Decarbonisation of Districts, Favourable Regulatory Framework and Citizen Involvement; in collaboration with the European Decarb City Pipes project in which TECNALIA also participates
  • Energy Communities; in collaboration with the Amsterdam Innovation ATELIER

About the ATELIER initiative

ATELIER “AmsTErdam BiLbao cItizen drivEn smaRt cities” is a European initiative that aims to turn Zorrozaurre (Bilbao) and Buiksloterham (Amsterdam) into Positive Energy Districts, by deploying smart urban solutions. Its aim is to generate an energy surplus, thus contributing to environmental sustainability and citizen well-being.

In this project Bilbao and Amsterdam are “lighthouse cities”, leading the implementation of solutions and supporting the replication of success stories in Bratislava, Budapest, Copenhagen, Krakow, Matosinhos and Riga. The revitalisation of the innovation ecosystem and citizen participation are considered key elements to ensure successful implementation. The Innovation ATELIER projects are responsible for the achievement of this goal.

This project has received funding from the Horizon 2020 EU research and innovation program, in accordance with Subsidy Agreement No. 864374.