Solutions to reduce energy consumption in industry

20 January 2023
TECNALIA participa en un proyecto europeo para la reduccion del consumo energetico en la industria.

"Energy consumption has become a strategic priority to maintain the competitiveness of industry”

Energy use will be automatically optimised thanks to digital technologies, providing data on economic and environmental impact

Energy consumption has become a strategic priority to maintain the competitiveness of industry In the European DENiM initiative, we seek to develop a data tool to reduce energy consumption in industry. This tool is based on the digital twin. It will enable the energy consumption of manufacturing companies to be predicted in order to work on solutions to optimise costs and reduce consumption and its environmental impact.

It is currently being tested in companies such as Sidenor and CIE Galfor. Its application provides a 20-25 % reduction in energy consumption throughout the entire value chain. Furthermore, a cost reduction of at least 15 % of the final product will be achieved due to the optimisation of the manufacturing process.

DENiM Project

We are developing a chain of integrated tools for the supply of advanced digital services, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), data analytics, digital twin and energy and automation modelling. These digital technologies will automatically monitor and optimise energy use and provide data on the economic and environmental impact of the entire value chain.

This project is being coordinated by the Munster Technological University in Ireland. Twelve companies participate in the consortium, as well as other research centres, such as TECNALIA.