Technological advances in offshore wind power with Vincenzo Nava

29 July 2022
Plataforma eólica offshore flotante

“Within the framework of IA4TES, the EU Next Generation Plan, TECNALIA developed techniques to plan and optimise costly marine operations”

Artificial intelligence is able to reduce floating wind power costs

When the winds of change blow, some build walls and others build windmills

The “new” windmills, wind turbines, boost energy transition and decarbonisation of the economy. The prestigious Forbes magazine has highlighted the technological advances of offshore wind power and interviewed Vincenzo Nava, TECNALIA’s Head of Offshore System Dynamics.

The work carried out by TECNALIA’s experts with artificial intelligence will reduce the costs of maintaining floating offshore platforms, which are very important in deeper areas.

“The idea is that the techniques we are developing will reduce maintenance costs by planning and optimising operations in good time. That’s particularly important – and difficult – at sea!” explains Vincenzo.

These developments enable Spain to maintain a leading industrial value chain worldwide. Spain is also at the forefront of the development of prototypes, with world-renowned research centres and experimental facilities offering studies, tests and trials.

About offshore floating wind energy

In offshore wind energy, 80% of offshore wind resources are underutilised. The exploitation of this immense potential in southern Europe faces an ambitious challenge: to make this energy competitive in deep areas, where fixed-foundation wind turbines are technically and economically complex. Floating solutions turn this challenge into great opportunities for companies and society.

IA4TES project – artificial intelligence

These developments are being carried out within the framework of the IA4TES project, an artificial intelligence initiative for sustainable energy transition, with funds of €12 million from the EU Next Generation Plan.

TECNALIA has featured in Forbes: Aires de cambio: este es el atractivo futuro de la energía eólica marina (Winds of Change: This is the Attractive Future of Offshore Wind Power) - Forbes Spain (article in Spanish).