Technological challenges in the automotive industry

15 March 2024
foro sernauto - TECNALIA

“Spain has the capacity to become a hub for electric mobility”.

GT1 Technological Priorities M2F Platform Agenda Electrification Systems

SERNAUTO organised an event on automotive technologies “made in Spain”. TECNALIA’s colleague Asier Martínez, Mobility Market Manager, took part in this event. Asier, together with Bosch and CIDETEC, presented the technological priorities of the M2F platform agenda’s GT1 electrification systems.

Another technological challenge facing Spanish industry is the on-board electric power generation system with hydrogen and fuel cell vehicles – a relevant propulsion system option for heavy vehicles.

We do see that, as the fuel cell or fuel cell vehicles are in a much more incipient phase at a market level, perhaps it is a good opportunity for us, as Spanish industry, to position ourselves and not lag behind other global regions, and for this we need to continue to promote R&D and develop the capabilities that the Spanish industry already has,” said Asier Martínez.

Electric vehicles and components

Spain is the second largest vehicle manufacturer in Europe and the ninth largest in the world; it is also the leading producer of commercial vehicles and the fourth largest producer of components in Europe.

It also has the opportunity to take on a significant share of the future battery factories for electric vehicles that Europe needs, and thus position itself internationally by increasing its added value.

The focus is on the technologies and innovations being developed by Spanish companies in order to move forward in the transformation process from internal combustion to electrification. M2F’s Agenda of Strategic Priorities for R&D&I in the Automotive and Mobility Sector establishes a roadmap and the enabling technologies that require investment in order for Spain to become a benchmark in Europe for knowledge, development and manufacturing capacity of the components that make up the electric propulsion system.