TECNALIA ensures furniture safety and quality

31 May 2023
Evaluación de Seguridad y Durabilidad de Muebles

“Assessment services are carried out to verify compliance with current regulations applicable to furniture”

Our furniture testing experts assess products to ensure they comply with applicable standards and regulations

TECNALIA’s experts have been testing furniture for many years to ensure it complies with applicable standards and regulations. TECNALIA has laboratories equipped with technology to perform a wide variety of accredited tests.

Assessment services are carried out to verify compliance with current regulations applicable to furniture for all kinds of settings: various groups, office, school, outdoor, etc.

Safety, quality and durability

TECNALIA experts carry out tests to assess the physical-mechanical characteristics of materials like plastic, wood, products derived from wood, metal components, coatings, etc. Finished products are also tested for safety, mechanical strength and durability and stability; and other tests, like insulation and sound absorption tests, are also carried out.

In the world of furniture design and manufacturing, safety, quality and durability are vitally important, as these products are in close contact with people. More and more manufacturers are choosing to put their products through rigorous testing during the design phase, and before launching them onto the market.

Application standards and requirements for assessing product safety and durability

TECNALIA provides a comprehensive service: from prior advice, which helps manufacturers to understand the application standards and their requirements, to the phase with the tests that they will need to carry out eventually.

TECNALIA is high flexible and able to adapt the available equipment to the different parameters and requirements. TECNALIA works closely with manufacturers to understand their needs and tailor its assessment services according to the specific requirements of each market and their customers.