TECNALIA ensures the safety and regulatory compliance of temporary works equipment

10 July 2024
Elementos temporales en obra

“TECNALIA provides technical solutions that enable manufacturers to ensure the safety, quality and efficiency of their products on the market”

TECNALIA ensures the safety, reliability and compliance with current regulations of temporary works equipment (TWE)

TECNALIA carries out a full characterisation of tests on Temporary Works Equipment (TWE): scaffolding, protection, shoring, lintels, formwork, props and nets. This characterisation is essential in order to ensure safety, reliability and compliance with current regulations. TECNALIA’s aim is to offer a comprehensive quality control and technical performance evaluation service, providing manufacturers with state-of-the-art technological solutions.

TECNALIA carries out characterisation in accordance with EN standards (EN12810, EN12811, EN12813, EN13374, EN1004), as well as the design of special customised tests. As a third-party laboratory, TECNALIA offers:

  • Voluntary certifications that allow manufacturers to obtain a quality mark recognised in the market. The tests include the assessment of mechanical, acoustic and physical-chemical properties, as well as fire performance.
  • Possibility of designing and dimensioning through calculation and subsequent validation per test.
  • TECNALIA provides technological services focused on improving the performance of TWE products.
  • TECNALIA designs and develops specific test methods to assess innovative products, ensuring that new developments meet the highest quality and safety standards.

Tests and standards

Mechanical tests on end product

  • TECNALIA ensures that products meet the necessary dimensional and safety specifications.
  • TECNALIA assess the ability of products to withstand various loads and conditions of use through static load, impact, drop and fatigue testing.

Physical-chemical tests on raw materials

  • Including physical and mechanical properties: tensile strength, elasticity, impact, abrasion, bending, colour and brightness.
  • TECNALIA uses natural and artificial ageing methods such as QUV, ATLAS Ci3000, climatic chambers, salt spray, thermal shock and humidity tests to assess the durability of materials.

Fire performance tests

  • TECNALIA carries out tests to determine the reaction and resistance to fire, as well as the toxicity of the smoke generated, ensuring that the products comply with current safety regulations.

The services are aimed at manufacturers of scaffolding, props, shoring, perimeter protection, nets, formwork, lintels and other TWE.

More information on TWE

For more information on TECNALIA’s services and how they can help your company, please do not hesitate to contact us. TECNALIA is your reliable partner in the innovation and quality of Temporary Works Equipment.