TECNALIA gives batteries a second life; reuse and recycling

21 March 2024

“Reinforce developments will be carried out in a real battery remanufacturing plant in Belgium”

TECNALIA leads the way in battery reuse and recycling

TECNALIA has joined 14 other companies and technology centres in the Reinforce project, which aims to give batteries a second useful life, by establishing a circular value chain that transforms their life cycle and promotes sustainability. This collaboration is an important step towards a more sustainable battery industry, where battery life is maximised and the environmental impact is minimised.

TECNALIA is developing an automated system to disassemble batteries. This will include the design of a test bench to dismantle battery packs into modules with self-ignition detection and fire extinguishing. TECNALIA will also research the most suitable processes for dismantling modules into cells, thus optimising the recycling and reuse process.

Industrial processes to prepare batteries

Six key industrial processes will be implemented to prepare used, defective and unstable batteries for reuse or recycling.

These processes include:

  1. collection and sorting
  2. safe transport and storage
  3. package diagnostics
  4. modules and cells
  5. energy recovery and battery discharge systems
  6. automated package disassembly
  7. modules and cells
  8. reassembly for a second life

**Reinforce is led by the Institute of Innovation Science and Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (Inegi)