TECNALIA is a national benchmark in the creation of secure environments for the exchange of data between companies

12 August 2021
Somos referente estatal en la creación de entornos seguros para el intercambio de datos entre empresas

The International Data Spaces Association (IDSA), a European institution promoting security in data management, has valued TECNALIA’s experience by recognising it as the first Competence Centre in Spain.

The International Data Spaces Association, the association of companies that operates European data spaces within the context of the GAIA-X initiative, has praised TECNALIA’s experience in smart data management, earning its qualification as a Competence Centre.

With this new role, TECNALIA became the first national benchmark centre to promote IDS, develop new business models based on this technology, and guide companies when integrating their own data control processes. This recognition supports TECNALIA to act as a meeting point between companies that develop IDS technology and those interested in implementing it in their processes.

Therefore, we are working on developing innovative tools to improve data management in data spaces, by providing solutions aimed at different sectors such as industries and energy. These companies handle large amounts of data, so ensuring information security is absolutely essential.

Large European institutions are creating standardised architectures to facilitate the secure exchange of data, with a strong focus on data sovereignty. The institution maintains ownership and control over the data and the data economy; creating safe environments to market. These systems, called International Data Spaces (IDS), facilitate audits and monitoring of these information transactions and provide a secure space to operate.

More information

TECNALIA conducts applied research in the fields of industrial cybersecurity, cryptography, privacy, and blockchain. TECNALIA has cybersecurity laboratories for the automotive, energy, cyber-range, and blockchain industries, which form part of the Cybersecurity Node of the Basque Digital Innovation Hub and the INCIBE National Network of Industrial Laboratories.

TECNALIA participates in the main committees to regulate and standardise cybersecurity, privacy, and blockchain within UNE/ISO. It is also part of the OECD’s expert advisory council on cybersecurity and blockchain policies. TECNALIA is a member of the Board of Directors of ECSO (European Cyber Security Organisation), EOS (European Organisation for Security), and RENIC (Spanish Network of Excellence in Cybersecurity Research), member of the Council of WOMEN4CYBER and the Board of Directors of the Spanish chapter of WOMEN4CYBER; as well as the main global blockchain alliances such as Hyperledger (Linux Foundation), EEA (Enterprise Ethereum Alliance), and Alastria; and European initiatives of digital and data sovereignty such as IDSA (International Data Spaces Association) or GAIA-X.