TECNALIA joins EIT Health, the largest health consortium in Europe

15 October 2017

The objective of EIT Health, a consortium of 140 companies, universities and research centres is to generate around 340 business ideas before 2018, create 70 start-ups a year, and impact 1 million students with the consortium’s educational programmes

TECNALIA joins EIT Health, one of the most ambitious initiatives in the health sector which takes advantage of the experience provided by more than 140 leading companies, universities and research centres from fourteen European countries. The consortium’s mission is to foster entrepreneurship and innovation in the fields of health and active ageing by providing the best talent in Europe with new opportunities and resources, to the benefit of everyone.

EIT Health is a member of the European Institute of Technology (EIT), an independent agency of the European Union founded in 2008 to promote innovation across the whole of Europe, bringing together further education institutions, research laboratories and leading companies, and providing them with the tools to develop products and services, start new businesses and commit to a new generation of entrepreneurs. The objective is for the consortium to develop products and services, start new businesses and commit to a new generation of entrepreneurs to help overcome some of the greatest challenges in the health sector.

EIT Health aims to promote healthy living, active ageing and better healthcare through its 6 European nodes. Specifically, EIT Health Spain has partners from five regions (Catalonia, Madrid, Valencia, Andalusia and the Basque Country) that integrate the three areas of the innovation triangle: research, education and the creation of companies.

By joining the consortium, TECNALIA will be able to develop new competences in the area of biomaterials, robotics and ICTs for healthcare. It will give access to an important group of researchers in order to form multi-disciplinary collaborations, as well as access to a group of international industrial organisations that operate in the health sector - both large companies and SMEs, in order to develop new business opportunities. It will also expand the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Tecnalia-Ventures, providing new investment funds and increasing the number of talents that get involved. And in the academic field it will allow mechanisms to be established for high-level training and talent exchange with prestigious universities in the fields of biotechnology, biomaterials and other fields of health care, complementing the EUSKAMPUS association, a regional initiative for a Campus of International Excellence that TECNALIA is part of.