TECNALIA launches a new Sustainable Mobility catalogue

15 May 2024
Lanzamos el nuevo catálogo de Movilidad Sostenible

“The document includes a range of solutions that proposes a model of mobility, energy and infrastructure that is increasingly sustainable and aligned with the 2030 Agenda”

TECNALIA launches a new Sustainable Mobility catalogue, offering solutions to current problems of the market and society

We are moving towards models where the market and society are more aware and demand greater sustainability that preserves the environment. One of the key sectors in this scenario is mobility: it is imperative to improve the environmental quality and efficiency of transport systems, and also to transform people’s mobility to make it more environmentally friendly, in order to make cities more liveable, inclusive and efficient.

In this situation, we must not only consider the needs of these stakeholders, but also align ourselves with the Sustainable Development Goals; so TECNALIA is faced with the challenge of finding the right solution to each problem.

This is why, based on its experience as a research centre and collaboration with multiple organisations, TECNALIA has expanded its mobility offer with a new Sustainable Mobility Catalogue.

What will you find in the new Sustainable Mobility catalogue?

In order to improve the technological solutions TECNALIA has been offering, it has focused on unknowns such as the development and improvement of transport vehicles, the optimisation of communication systems and energy infrastructure and their integration in urban and interurban environments.

All these are problems for all stakeholders in the path towards sustainability, and solutions have been created in:

  • Urban air mobility
  • Electric and hybrid vehicles
  • Intelligent transport systems:
  • Energy and transport infrastructure
  • Automated driving

How to download the catalogue

Here you can download the Sustainable Mobility Catalogue with the new range of solutions that TECNALIA has developed. The aim is not only to make you aware of the solutions for the sector – TECNALIA also wants to become your technology partner and is able to offer answers to your mobility questions.

Count on TECNALIA to help you be a part of the change that industry and society are demanding.