TECNALIA takes part in the closing ceremony of the "Housing Cycle: Urban Renovation and Regeneration" event

22 February 2021
Jornada "Ley vivienda"

The conference took place on February 3 and was attended by Patricia Molina, lead researcher at TECNALIA’s Urban Transformation Laboratory.

Patricia Molina, lead researcher of TECNALIA's Urban Transformation Laboratory, took part in the “Housing Cycle: Urban Renovation and Regeneration” event as part of the 3R City Observatory

According to Patricia Molina “to achieve the ambitious objectives we have set ourselves in Europe in terms of renovation, and to take advantage of the funding earmarked for it in the recovery funds, it is necessary to innovate in tools and processes, to have specific regional and municipal diagnoses, to design action plans, to allocate sufficient resources to the governance and management of these processes, to analyse and segregate the demand, designing aid and funding according to the different situations, and to systematically assess the progress of the renovation policies.”.

Further information

  • The conference was opened by David de Lucas, Secretary General for Housing and the Urban Agenda of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and the Urban Agenda, and closed by Pablo Zuloaga, Vice-President of the Cantabrian Government.
  • The event was organised by the Directorate General for Housing of the Cantabrian Government and El Diario Montañés, together with Eugenia Gómez de Diego, Director General for Housing of Cantabria, and Juan Requejo, co-director of the Management Plan for the old quarter of Santiago de Compostela.
  • Cantabria makes progress in its strategy to tackle the great challenge of renovation (video)