TECNALIA works with nuclear fusion as a clean and sustainable energy source

27 January 2022
Tubos calorímetros soldados

‘ITER is an international scientific collaboration that aims to achieve an infinite source of sustainable, clean and economical energy’.

China, the European Union, India, Japan, South Korea, Russia and the United States have joined forces to build the world's largest experimental nuclear fusion reactor.

ITER is a large-scale international scientific collaboration aimed at demonstrating the feasibility of nuclear fusion as an energy source and collecting the data necessary for the design and subsequent start-up of the first electricity-producing fusion power plant. Recently, the validation tests of critical joints between different components in which TECNALIA has participated have been successfully passed.

Definition, execution and validation of the connections between the different integrated components.

TECNALIA participates actively in the ITER project together with AVS. Specifically, within the MITICA initiative, it is responsible for defining, executing and validating the connections between the different components integrated in three critical elements —neutraliser (NED), calorimeter (CAL) and the residual ion storer (ERID)— that connect the plasma source to the main reactor: fusion joints, high energy beams and braze.

Validation testing has recently been successfully completed, thus concluding the first stage of the manufacturing readiness review for critical parts of the equipment.

Connecting the pipes through the welds

Among other validations, the dimensional checks of the first calorimetric tubes manufactured have been carried out, since the connection of the pipes by the welds is critical for this installation. The contribution of the TECNALIA experts' know-how to join different materials and ceramic insulators for the discharge of electrostatic residual ions has been key for the process.