The business value of data sharing sovereignty

10 November 2022
El valor empresarial de la soberanía en la compartición de datos

"Securing data sovereignty is essential to enable the development of a European data economy"

European data spaces are key to boosting the data economy

Data is a fundamental asset for companies; properly processed, it generates great competitive advantages both in decision-making and in the generation of new products and services, enabling technologies such as artificial intelligence. Technologies that ensure this sovereign sharing of data are essential for organisations to develop and enhance their own information sharing strategies.

Data spaces not only provide for the safe, reliable and traceable exchange of information between different silos, but will also support the emergence of new predictive models based on artificial intelligence and capable of learning from increasingly rich and diverse information substrates.

Such artificial intelligence models will benefit from the availability of data from different information sources, enabling patterns to be discovered from quality data, and under terms of use and sovereignty that are known and verifiable.

Data spaces

Data Spaces are one of the four technological objectives that make up the Strategic R&D Agenda of the AI4ES network, a network of excellence in enabling data-based technologies; it is made up of TECNALIA, the ITI Information Technology Institute, the CTIC Technology Centre Foundation and Eurecat.

Participation in an event such as the "Data Spaces Discovery Day" is essential to raise awareness of the lines of work and the progress being made by the network in this regard, as well as to establish synergies with relevant actors.

TECNALIA's participation in the Data Spaces Discovery Day

Due to huge technological progress in terms of digitalisation, TECNALIA works to help companies improve their competences to generate value in the data spaces. TECNALIA is a member of organisations, such as the International Data Spaces AssociationBAIDATA, GAIA-X and the Big Data Value Association (BDVA/DAIRO).

During the Data Spaces Discovery Day, solutions for the automotive, industrial production, tourism, energy, agri-food and mobility sectors were discussed.

  • Alberto Berreteaga, Coordinator of the IDS Competence Centre at TECNALIA, explained how we can implement IDS and showed use cases in the energy sector environment.
  • Jesús M. Santamaría, Technology Director of the Digital unit at TECNALIA and Member of the Board of Gaia-X Spain, presented the DATES European project for the design of the European tourism data space (TECNALIA is the technical coordinator) and explained the keys to building a data space for tourism and urban mobility.