The new industrial company at BIEMH 2022

13 July 2022

“A new, more automated, flexible, connected, smart, social, eco-sustainable, servitised and extended industrial company”

TECNALIA showcased the evolution of key work spaces in the new industrial company model through 20 state-of-the-art developments

At this new edition of the International Machine Tool Biennial Exhibition, after a four-year wait, TECNALIA committed to showcase what it has developed alongside companies, which have had to reinvent themselves in an environment that has recently changed, in order to maintain the competitiveness and become more resilient within the business fabric.

The centre presented companies with solutions that have both an economic and a social impact. Additionally, it showcased the evolution of key work spaces in the new industrial company model through 20 state-of-the-art developments. These developments incorporate technologies such as mobile and collaborative robotics, real-time inspection by artificial vision, applications with more intuitive interfaces for predictive data analysis, smart logistics containers, proprietary solutions for printed electronics, and virtual and augmented reality tools to interact with industrial environments without requiring travel.

Physical and digital hybridisation across four industrial spaces

In our proposal for this new industrial company, we have opted for the hybridisation of physical and digital manufacturing, addressing each of the dimensions of impact that facilitate its competitiveness and sustainability in the future: a new industrial company that is more automated, flexible, connected, smart, social, eco-sustainable, servitised and extended, which could be visited and experienced first-hand throughout the different industrial spaces of the TECNALIA stand.

  • A flexible production space to suit any manufacturing scenario and meet the need for production systems that are much easier to configure and adapt to the increasing number of variations on products. Within this scheme, manufacturing is adapted to various requirements through an orchestration of multiple robots and mobile platforms, resulting in greater resilience, adaptability to change and productivity.
  • An innovation lab to devise disruptive solutions with a high impact, where new industrial companies can conceptualise and mature new developments that connect physical manufacturing and digital elements to create disruptive solutions with a high economic and social impact, transforming processes and products. In addition to showcasing the use of printed electronic technologies for the manufacture of smart and high value added products, in conjunction with Plain Concepts, we have also revealed the most advanced quadruped robot in the industrial sector, equipped with mobile capabilities and smart environmental recognition.
  • A digital command centre that facilitates 360° control of the business. This puts data intelligence at the service of people to help them work, with an approach that removes barriers and facilitates control any time, anywhere, in a natural and self-explanatory way that does not require advanced analytics expertise.
  • The transformation of the connection with customers and the provision of high added value services, through digital technologies that are able to “open” physical facilities and provide far more immersive, efficient and secure communication between an industrial company and its value chain, also allows for new business models and the exploitation of the manufactured product.

BIEMH 2022 was also a meeting place with our customers, where we shared experiences, industry challenges and new developments with companies like TDG Clamping, Ibarmia, Zayer, DENN, Semantic Systems, EGA Master, Shuton, Correa, Addilan, Vixion, EIT Manufacturing and Dimeco

If you stopped by, thank you for your visit. If you could not attend, please visit the booth via the website developed specifically for BIEMH 2022.