The Vixion start-up, a benchmark in connectivity for Industry 4.0

30 September 2022

“Today, more than 350 industrial machines worldwide use the Vixion platform”

Vixion, TECNALIA's Deep Tech start-up, develops and markets advanced solutions for Industry 4.0 connectivity, has been included in the "vendor list" of the multinational company, Ford

Major machine tool manufacturers, such as Zayer, Ibarmia, Nicolás Correa and Ona were the first companies to install the Vixion solution on their machines, enabling them to significantly increase their performance.

Over the past five years, Vixion has developed and marketed increasingly complex solutions tailored to its customers, enabling them to identify machine performance through the monitoring of historical data and the application of predictive maintenance algorithms. As a result, Vixion customers have been able to anticipate potential future problems with their machines and increase their productivity. Today, more than 350 industrial machines worldwide use the Vixion platform.

The pandemic, a major shift in digitalisation

One of the major challenges for the industry has been caused by the pandemic. Vixion helped the industry adapt to a new reality, which had changed the vision and sensibility in the industrial environment due to connectivity and data analytics. According to Vixion's Managing Director, César Viniegra, nowadays, no machinery manufacturer would question including on-line systems in their equipment to connect with a machine in order to diagnose problems remotely.

Vixion included in Ford's vendor list

Although Vixion started out closely linked to the machine tool sector, it has gradually entered other industrial segments, where its products are a perfect fit. The multinational company, Ford, is one of the latest companies to opt for Vixion, having included it in its list of trusted suppliers.

Vixion was launched in 2017 as a result of the joint work between Spyro and TECNALIA, with the support of its Deep Tech Venture Builder, TECNALIA Ventures.