TECNALIA collaborates with PRYSMIAN on the preliminary validation tests of HVDC cables for the France-United Kingdom Interconnection crossing the Eurotunnel

15 July 2021
Ensayos preliminares de validación de cables HVDC

The 51 km direct current cable runs between converter stations at Peuplingues in France, and Folkestone in the United Kingdom

The tests were carried out on the first sections of insulated cable introduced into the Eurotunnel from Folkstone in the United Kingdom. The tested section consists of a two-phase DC circuit of ± 320 kV, which is about 10 kilometres long and has three joint bays.

Post-installation tests were carried out with AC, consisting of a test of the voltage withstood in the primary insulation of the cable at 250 kV AC for one hour and the simultaneous measurements of partial discharges at the test voltage. This required the use of two Resonant Systems, supplied by TECNALIA and PRYSMIAN and connected in parallel, and the advanced PRY-CAM partial discharge measurement system.

The sensors were previously installed in each of the joints. The tests were carried out at night to affect the traffic of vehicles and goods through the Eurotunnel as little as possible. To do this, traffic had to be stopped during the test period. The results of the tests were satisfactory.

Further information

ElecLink is the electrical interconnection project in HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current) between the United Kingdom and France, crossing the Eurotunnel.
The 51 km of direct current cable runs between converter stations at Peuplingues in France and Folkestone in the United Kingdom. An additional 14.5 km of underground alternating current line on the British side and 3.5 km on the French side link the converter stations to the existing transport networks.

ElecLink is expected to be fully operational in 2022.