Urban air mobility is key to the environmental and digital transformation of tomorrow's cities

22 February 2021
Movilidad sostenible

Our expert Joseba Lasa explains the keys to the transformation in next-generation aerospace

Next-generation aerospace encompasses urban air mobility, rural air mobility and everything that involves the use of drones for applications as diverse as agriculture, infrastructures and the audiovisual sector. Next-generation aerospace will start with a definition of air traffic management, known in Europe as U-space

First applications of next-generation aerospace

Most countries agree that the first applications will be for medical, emergency and security services, followed by freight transport and then passenger transport, both inter-urban and intra-urban, within cities.

Some trends suggest that rural air mobility will precede urban air mobility as it has a lower population density: it will allow this form of air mobility to be implemented more quickly, helping to transform rural areas by replacing lower density roads with air corridors and returning land space back to nature.

Further information

Our expert in next-generation aerospace, Joseba Lasa, explains the keys to this transformation supported by an increasing number of real-world examples.