We recover residual streams from oil refining

11 August 2023
Bio-productos generados a partir de residuos del refinado de aceites y grasas

“We have developed new technologies for the full recovery of residual streams from oil and fat refining”

The IRODDI initiative, led by TECNALIA, has developed new technologies to recover residual streams from oil refining

New bio-based products have been developed using the free fatty acids (FFA) contained in DODs (deodorisation distillates), generated as residual streams in the oil and fat refining process. These are the last steps in the process in which the compounds responsible for the bad smell, colour and taste of the oil are removed.

New bio-products

New high demand bio-products have successfully been obtained from these residual streams, such as:

  • surfactants for green detergents
  • biodegradable bio-lubricants
  • bio-based polyols to formulate new polyurethanes

Work has also been developed on innovative technologies (extraction with super-critical CO2 and extraction with ionic liquids) for the isolation of valuable minor compounds contained in the DODs: characterised by using softer operational conditions than those used on an industrial level.

Replacement of fossil materials

The IRODDI project is a successful example of the direct application of the circular bioeconomy. It contributes to decarbonisation through the replacement of fossil-based materials with bio-based alternatives.

IRODDI Consortium

The IRODDI consortium (Innovative Refining process for the recovery of vegetable Oil Deodoriser DIstillates) is made up of a multi-disciplinary European team: FeyeCon and Zer0-E in the Netherlands, Fraunhofer, IoLiTec and Jowat in Germany, Sophim in France, and BIOPLAT, Instituto de la Grasa - CSIC, Kliner Profesional, Sophim Iberia and the leader, TECNALIA, in Spain.

European Commission

Project backed by the Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI-JU).

**This project has received funding from the Horizon EU research and innovation program, in accordance with Subsidy Agreement No. 887407.