Technological asset

DARTS: Remotely operated robots for industrial and surgical environments



In many environments and areas of manipulation and/or operation, human presence is not feasible or even advisable.

More specifically, at clean rooms at pharmaceutical production plants, workers must disinfect and dress appropriately, and move slowly so as not to create air currents that could potentially contaminate the products being manufactured. The work that is done is strenuous and its correct performance has a high impact on the quality and safety of the products.

In radiological laboratories, existing traditional manipulators show significant limitations: complicated operativeness with non-intuitive dynamics, limited force feedback, poor vision conditions, high propensity to failure and high maintenance costs.

In the mining sector, the inherent risk of soil instability, collapses, and landslides.

Other sectors show the same problems: radio-pharmaceutical products, hazardous waste treatment, explosive atmosphere environments, underwater work, etc.

Potential Market

  • USA INL (public sector nuclear manipulation): Equity market of €50M
  • Biopharmaceutical Products: $ 275 billion; CAGR: 12-14%
  • Market for professional service robots: 750,000 pieces; CAGR: 21% (2019-2021).

We offer

  • TRL 7
  • Protection of intellectual property through 1 patent application and 2 software registrations
  • System in operation at INL-Lab in Idaho (USA)
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in robotic remote operation
  • Pre-existing relationship with INLabs in the USA. Pharmaceutical companies
  • Exploitation through NEBT

We are searching for

  • Investor
  • CEO-Promotor