Technological asset

RECODO: Advanced orthotics for post-traumatic recovery of the elbow



1/10,000 people have a traumatic injury to the elbow each year.

Currently, 20% of simple traumatic injuries and up to 89% of complex injuries do not recover and require surgery. Musculoskeletal disorders accounted for nearly 1/3 of the injuries resulting in lost working hours, almost 10% of which were elbow injuries. Since current products/treatments are not effective enough, there is a need for comprehensive improved solutions.

Potential Market

The world market for sports medicine for its application in elbow and wrist

  • $ 1.1B (2019), CGAR 6.3%

Body support and recovery segment:

  • $ 432.9M (2019), CGAR 6.2%

The orthopaedic market is by far the largest segment of the orthopaedic device market in the United States.

We offer

  • TRL 4 pre-industrial prototype
  • Protection of intellectual property through 1 family of patents (EP3357474) and software registration
  • Robust clinical network (4 rehabilitation clinics and orthopaedic surgery children’s clinic)
  • Mastery of underlying technologies (advanced FES, closed-loop mechatronics)
  • Pre-existing relationship with some of today’s market leaders.

We are searching for

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