Blockchain laboratory

Laboratorio de Blockchain

Our pioneering facilities in Europe allow companies to learn about success stories, gain experience and test technological solutions and business models for their subsequent implementation.

We test everything from industrial data sovereignty management systems to traceability platforms for the energy, manufacturing and automotive sectors.


This infrastructure allows us to:

  • Provide mature solutions ready for testing concepts, pilots and roll-outs in a matter of weeks
  • Tackle complex projects throughout their life cycle using our multidisciplinary teams and industrial facilities.

At our facilities there is a scientific computing centre specialising in blockchain, and specific infrastructures for testing and piloting industrial solutions in the advanced manufacturing, energy and automotive sectors. These include:

  • KUBIK: a groundbreaking experimental laboratory building worldwide
  • INGRID: a laboratory equipped with smart grid infrastructures.
  • ICSSY LAB: an industrial cybersecurity, and automation and control technologies laboratory

Our laboratory is part of the Basque Digital Innovation Hub cybersecurity node coordinated by the Basque Cybersecurity Centre.

Aimed at:

  • Companies:
    • SMEs
    • Start-ups
    • Large companies
  • Clusters
  • Business associations
  • Digital innovation hubs

International Presence

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
Industrial Data Space Association
Industrial Internet Consortium
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Laboratorio de Blockchain

Blockchain Laboratory

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