Cyber range laboratory

Laboratorio para Cyber-Ranges

Pioneering facilities in Europe, dedicated to training personnel and research, and developing and validating new cybersecurity technologies in a virtual environment (cyber range).

Our laboratory is part of the Basque Digital Innovation Hub cybersecurity node coordinated by the Basque Cybersecurity Centre.


This laboratory has the infrastructure required for companies to train, define and implement different cyber-range scenarios .

The different services that the laboratory can provide include:

  • Practical training for individuals and groups (red team-blue team type exercises).
  • Definition and implementation of cyber-range scenarios.
  • Testing of and experimentation with cyber range technologies.
  • R&D projects.
  • Showroom.
  • Collaboration and coworking.

The infrastructure features the following equipment and components:

  • Cyber range master room: the infrastructure makes it possible to carry out cyber ranges in which up to 10 people can take part. Each participant has a workstation with a double screen to develop the cyber range.
  • Security Operations Center (SOC): this operation centre is equipped with cyber range control equipment. It is made up of software for monitoring, overseeing and preventing IPS, IDS and SIEM attacks, and includes tools that make it possible to strengthen the stability, security and operation of IT/OT systems

Aimed at:

  • Companies:
    • SMEs
    • Start-ups
    • Large companies
  • Digital innovation hubs
  • Clusters
  • Business associations that want to analyse and experience the impact and benefits of our technology on their businesses and sectors

International Presence

Industrial Data Space Association
Industrial Internet Consortium
Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
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Laboratorio para Cyber-Ranges

Cyber-Ranges Laboratory (Spanish)

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