Cell culture laboratory

Laboratorio de cultivos celulares

Our laboratory has a clean room isolated from the rest of the biotechnology laboratory's activities, which is equipped with specific equipment for carrying out tests and research using cell cultures as an experimental tool. Work is carried out on primary cell cultures and established cell lines using these techniques.


This 9 m2 infrastructure is a laboratory specialising in maintaining and proliferating cells derived from plants, animals and humans under controlled conditions in order to study them.

The laboratory has the following equipment:

  • Type IIA biosafety cabinet.
  • Live/dead cell counter.
  • Inverted optical and fluorescence microscope.
  • Microplate reader.
  • Incubator

This equipment allows us to carry out in vitro tests for:

  • Determining cytotoxicity.
  • Determining the bioavailability of bioactive compounds and/or ingredients.
  • Determining the functional effect (anti-inflammatory, protective against oxidative stress, anti-hypertensive, among others).

The primary plant culture selected and obtained in this laboratory is transferred to the biotechnology laboratory for setting up fermenters with plant cells in suspension to obtain bioactive compounds.

This laboratory also carries out in vitro evaluation tests on products from the ingredients laboratory, the micro- and nano-encapsulation laboratory and the biotechnology laboratory.

Aimed at:

  • Manufacturers of ingredients and additives.
  • Manufacturers of food supplements and nutraceuticals.
  • Food and beverage manufacturers.

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