Food preservation laboratory

Laboratorio de conservación de alimentos

In our laboratory we have the equipment required to carry out tasks related to food preservation (active biopolymer films / coatings and natural preservatives).


This infrastructure of 78 m2 focuses on researching natural alternatives to extend the shelf life of foods through natural additives, biopolymer edible coatings and active packaging solutions.

The activities carried out there are as follows:

  • Preparing biopolymer films by means of casting.
  • Applying biopolymer coatings on food and packaging materials
  • Obtaining stable and homogeneous emulsions, solutions and/or suspensions by means of ultrasound technology.
  • Obtaining active films and coatings with natural compounds (obtainable in the ingredients laboratory).

We have the following equipment to carry out these tasks:

  • High-power ultrasonic equipment.
  • Press and kneader for obtaining films.
  • Equipment for applying coatings.
  • Climatic chamber for preservation studies.
  • Equipment for measuring water vapour permeability.

We also have the infrastructure to complete the different processes:

  • Ingredients and food analysis laboratory and biotechnology laboratory: for the physical, chemical, microbiological and functional analysis of food.
  • Food formulation laboratory: for the end formulation of food.

Aimed at:

  • Manufacturers of food ingredients and additives.
  • Food and nutraceutical manufacturers.
  • Packaging manufacturers.

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