Micro and nanoencapsulation laboratory


Laboratory with encapsulation equipment for the protection, stabilisation and controlled release of ingredients (bioactive compounds, probiotics and preservative additives), and for immobilising micro-organisms and enzymes for controlling and optimising biotechnological processes.


Laboratory of 65 m2 with technologies for the micro and nano-encapsulation of molecules, microorganisms and enzymes to improve their handling, stability and functionality It can also control the release kinetics of encapsulated components and improve their efficiency.

The equipment includes instruments for forming micro- and nano-emulsions. The criteria of process cost and ease of scaling up for transfer to industrial use have been considered:

  • Mini spray dryer (Büchi).
  • Mini spray chiller (Büchi).
  • Capillary vibration encapsulator (Büchi).
  • Liquid jet cutter encapsulator (geniaLab).
  • Molten jet cutter encapsulator (geniaLab).
  • Fluidised bed for drying and coating particles (Glatt).
  • Micro emulsifier (Ekato).
  • Nano emulsifier (Ekato).
  • Ultrasonic microprocessor (Sonics Vibra-Cell).

There are also optical analysis instruments (Zeiss) complemented with image analysis software (Microvision), and devices for measuring particle size and Zeta potential (Malvern).

It is made up of the following infrastructure:

  • Food and ingredient analysis laboratory for characterising them.
  • Biotechnology laboratory: stability of ingredients during their shelf life and gastric resistance.
  • Cell culture laboratory: for bioavailability and functional activity.

Aimed at:

  • Manufacturers of food ingredients and additives.
  • Manufacturers of nutritional supplements and nutraceuticals.
  • Functional food producers.
  • Suppliers of microorganisms.

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