Biotechnology laboratory

Laboratorio de biotecnología

Our laboratory has the equipment required to carry out research using biotechnological processes (fermentations, cell cultures, enzymatic reactions) to obtain bioactive compounds, biopolymers and microorganisms of interest.


Infrastructure of 100 m2 made up of three different areas: biotechnology laboratory, pilot equipment laboratory and clean room for microbiology.

There is equipment for selecting microorganisms up to the optimisation and scaling-up of biotechnological processes and characterisation of the products obtained:

  • Orbital incubators, centrifuges, ovens and autoclaves for optimising parameters and culture media, growing microorganisms, and/or obtaining compounds of interest.
  • 2, 5 and 40-litre bioreactors operating in discontinuous, semi-continuous and continuous mode, for scaling-up processes.
  • Reactors with stirring and temperature control for selecting enzymes and establishing enzymatic reactions.
  • Climatic chamber.
  • Microplate spectrophotometer.

Clean room equipment:

  • Type IIA biosafety cabinet.
  • Microanaerophilic cabinet for working with microorganisms with strict oxygen requirements.
  • Homogeniser for grinding solid food samples.

It has its own collection of isolated microorganisms from various sources. It is complemented by the following processes:

  • Physically and chemically analysing cultures.
  • Protecting and stabilising ingredients and micro-organisms.
  • Carrying out in vitro studies.
  • Validating products obtained.

Aimed at:

  • Manufacturers of food ingredients and additives.
  • Manufacturers of nutritional supplements and nutraceuticals.
  • Biotechnology companies.
  • Functional food producers.
  • Suppliers of microorganisms.

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