Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing laboratory

Laboratorio de ensayos compatibilidad electromagnética (EMC)

Facilities for carrying out electromagnetic compatibility tests in the fields of immunity and emissivity. The services offered are mainly aimed at the electrical and telecommunications sectors, with specific capabilities for equipment with 3G, 4G radio, IoT and PLC.


At this laboratory, we carry out tests that require compliance with the CE marking for Europe and the end customer's EMC requirements.

The facilities include a semi-anechoic chamber for accredited testing, the main features of which are:

  • EMI measurements at 3 m.
  • Compliance with the CISPR 16-1-4 (NSA) standard.
  • Immunity levels for residential and industrial environments.
  • Rotating platform with a diameter of 2 m.
  • Range of frequencies from 50 Hz to 6 GHz.

We also have a pre-certification chamber that makes it possible to develop products from manufacturers and Faraday cages for conducted tests.

The laboratory's instrumentation includes 2G, 3G, 4G, NB-IoT, LTE Cat-M1 base station emulators, ZigBee communication equipment, WiFi, Bluetooth, PRIME and Wi-Sun.

 We are also a Notified Body with respect to the EMC Directive.

Aimed at:

  • Manufacturers of electrical, electronic and telecommunications equipment.

Accreditations and Certifications

Acreditación ENAC ILAC para el sector materiales según ISO 17025 con nº expediente 4/LE148
ENAC ILAC accreditation for electrical testing in compliance with ISO 17025, under file No. 4/LE148
Organismo Notificado Nº 1292 para el Reglamento de Productos de la Construcción
Official Body certified by the Electromagnetic Compatibility EMC 2014/30/UE Directive

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