Smart grids laboratory

Laboratorio de redes eléctricas inteligentes

Laboratory that has facilities for assessing the communications and data protocols used by the equipment in transformer centres and substations in the distribution grid, and the functionality and cybersecurity of the equipment that uses them, which are part of smart grids or smart networks.


Conformity with the protocols is assessed by using software testing tools developed by our own laboratory.

Knowledge of these protocols makes it possible not only to certify them, but also to assess prescribers in the specification processes and manufacturers in the design phase.

We are a third party laboratory according to the UCA association for the IEC 61850 protocol.

Aimed at:

  • Electrical equipment manufacturers, chipset manufacturers and electrical companies.
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Accreditations and Recognition

Laboratory recognised by the UCA association for IEC Protocol Certification
Laboratory recognised by Iberdrola for functional assessment of IEDs and Gateways
Saudi Electricity Company
Laboratory recognised by Saudi Electricity Company for functional assessment of IEDs and Gateways
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