Smart grids laboratory

Laboratorio de redes eléctricas inteligentes

Facilities equipped for assessing communications and data protocols, functionality, protection and cybersecurity functions of smart grid equipment, particularly at transformation centres and substations. We are a third party laboratory according to the UCA association for the IEC 61850 protocol.


This laboratory offers conformity functionality and cybersecurity assessment and certifies smart grid equipment. There is also an option to rent the laboratory and supervise testing for manufacturers that require a third party facility to verify their developments.

Laboratory capabilities include assessment of the essential requirements set out in the EMC Directive, certification of communications and data protocols, assessment of compliance with protection functions and evaluation of the functionality of the aforementioned equipment, as well as interoperability and cyber security. The laboratory conducts tests to ensure product cybersecurity and interoperability between manufacturers, facilitating the process of commissioning equipment in the field.

The requirements associated with the EMC Directive are tested at the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Laboratory. Testing Tools have been developed for the testing of equipment with protection functions, certification of communications and data protocols and assessment of equipment functionality, interoperability and cybersecurity, as they are used by the laboratory itself and are licensed to manufacturers.

It is recognised as a Notified Body with respect to the EMC Directive, a PRIME Alliance official laboratory, a DLMS UA third party laboratory, a UCA Iug third party laboratory for IEC 61850 and an official laboratory for several international electrical companies.

Aimed at:

  • Smart grid equipment manufacturers
  • Utilities
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Accreditations and Recognition

Laboratory recognised by the UCA association for IEC Protocol Certification
Laboratory recognised by Iberdrola for functional assessment of IEDs and Gateways
Saudi Electricity Company
Laboratory recognised by Saudi Electricity Company for functional assessment of IEDs and Gateways

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