Hot forming cell comprising rotary forging installation

Célula conformado en caliente incluyendo instalación para forja rotativa

The ideal cell for developing lightweight metal components. Combined with simulation, it makes it possible to optimise and develop process windows for new materials and manufacture prototypes.

It incorporates rotary forging equipment to make the most of materials and reduce costs by obtaining near-net-shape, thereby minimising material removal operations.


The cell, which makes it possible to develop prototypes that are manufactured under representative pre-industrial conditions, includes the following equipment:

  • Loire 800 ton hydraulic press.
  • Furnace for preheating large parts.
  • Experimental rotary forging unit with a 370 kW motor and 12 KNm of maximum torque adapted to the 800 ton press.
  • DENN-Trace traceability system to acquire, monitor and record the most important data from the rotary forging process.
  • Manufacturers of automotive and aerospace components: OEMs, TIER1, TIER2
  • Hot, semi-hot and cold stamping and forging companies.
  • Die and tooling manufacturers.
  • Manufacturers of presses and forging and stamping equipment.

Aimed at:

  • Hot metal forming cell (forging and stamping) for developing light metal components and manufacturing prototypes.

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