Laboratory service

Supplier classification and inspection of supplies

Calificación de proveedores e inspección de suministros

We carry out qualification processes for manufacturers, production centres and products.

We develop and review product references and technical requirements for qualification, and we also review and manage the qualification technical dossiers.

We carry out technical qualification audits and maintenance visits, as well as full supervision of the qualification process.

We offer advanced technical services based on knowledge of the product, the standards applicable and the required tests, for supplier classification and supply inspection processes.


  • Qualification processes for manufacturers, production centres and products
  • Development and review of product references and technical requirements for qualification
  • Review and management of of the qualification technical dossiers
  • Technical qualification audits and maintenance visits
  • Full supervision of the qualification process and inspection of supplies
  • Supervision of acceptance tests


  • Underground and underwater medium and high voltage cables
  • Power Transformers
  • SF6 gas insulated substations (GIS)
  • Other equipment for the electrical grid and industrial plants


  • Service with a a high degree of specialisation
  • In-depth knowledge of the electrical product for distribution and transport grids and industrial plants
  • Full knowledge of the standards and tests
  • Integration and complementarity with the standardisation departments of companies
  • Extensive international reach, including emerging markets

Aimed at:

  • Electrical Companies
  • Industrial Plants
  • Companies with a high purchasing volume
  • Engineering Firms