Award for the transfer of knowledge of electric vehicle technologies

27 January 2022

‘The European ERASMUS+ project called “EUMOB” (Electric Urban Mobility) has been awarded the European Innovative Teaching Award 2021’

The Innovative Teaching Award is an initiative that welcomes the work of teachers and schools, especially in the context of European cooperation in the field of education and training.

TECNALIA supports the transfer of knowledge of electric and hybrid vehicle technologies in order for these educational centres to be able to design and develop a whole training program for the students of the participating centres.

More engaging and inclusive teaching and learning

This project also delves into innovative practices by encouraging more attractive, engaging and inclusive teaching and learning.

The Electric Urban Mobility initiative is led by the San Viator Vocational Training Centre in Sopuerta (Bizkaia). Two other vocational education centrer are also participating: Bridgwater College in the UK and Syddansk Erhvervsskole in Denmark.