Bio-based coatings based on plant lignin

29 December 2022
Reunión del consorcio de LIGNICOAT, recubrimientos biobasados

“TECNALIA leads the innovative development of new sustainable products and bio-based coatings from lignocellulosic biomass.”

Lignin is a material present in several plants, with a high potential to provide economic and environmental benefits

The LIGNICOAT initiative, led by TECNALIA, was created with the aim of demonstrating the technical and economic viability of the production of lignin-based bioresins for different applications in the field of coatings. These new products will be validated in an industrial environment.

The initiative increases the bio-based content of coatings and ensures performance and provides anti-corrosion, flame retardant, and anti-microbial characteristics.

TECNALIA, aside from being the coordinator of the project, is developing several technologies for the modification of lignin to obtain intermediates. They are also responsible for the formulation of new coatings.

Results to date:

A year and a half after the start of the project, the raw materials necessary for the synthesis of the new bio-based resins, from which the new bio-based coatings will be developed, have been obtained.

The initiative's consortium met at TECNALIA's facilities in mid-December to share the results obtained to date and to plan the next steps to be taken.

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