Bizkaia Connected Corridor wins second prize at IoMOBILITY AWARDS

25 March 2024
Premio BCC IoMobility Awards

“The award received at the MOBILITY AWARDS highlights the impact and importance of the Bizkaia Connected Corridor”.

Bizkaia Connected Corridor wins second prize at IoMOBILITY AWARDS 2024

Bizkaia Connected Corridor has achieved outstanding international recognition by winning the second prize at the prestigious IoMOBILITY AWARDS 2024, held in Italy, specifically in the Smart Roads category.

The awards ceremony took place last week at the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan. Javier Coleto received the award on behalf of TECNALIA and the Department of Infrastructure and Territorial Development of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia.

A strategic and innovative project

Bizkaia Connected Corridor is an innovative initiative that opens the doors to industry and research. It offers all the infrastructure in Bizkaia as a test laboratory in a real scenario, called Living Lab, for technologies relating to cooperative, connected and automated mobility (CCAM) and smart infrastructure.

This project covers a wide range of technologies – from those relating to materials, resilience and sustainability, to artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, advanced communications and cooperative, connected and automated mobility.


The prestigious MOBILITY AWARDS 2024 are international prizes that highlight achievements and innovations in the field of smart mobility. These awards aim to recognise projects, initiatives and technologies that contribute significantly to the progress of safe, sustainable and connected mobility.

The IoMOBILITY AWARDS are held every year and they bring together experts, industry leaders, researchers and government representatives to celebrate and recognise pioneering efforts in the field of mobility, thus promoting the exchange of knowledge and best practice in this crucial area for human and economic development.