DIGIMET wins the Ances Open Innovation 2021 programme

9 July 2021

The open innovation programme offers start-ups the opportunity to interact with actors in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Digimet has been selected by the tractor company Grupo Industrial CL as the best solution to the technological challenge posed by ANCES (National Association of European Business and Innovation Centres) in the framework of its open innovation programme “ANCES Open Innovation 2021”.

“ANCES Open Innovation 2021” is an open innovation programme which offers start-ups or young innovative technology-based companies the opportunity to propose solutions for entities that collaborate with the programme, by addressing the technological challenges they face. These companies also have the opportunity to interact with actors in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, thereby overcoming the various challenges posed by the market.

Grupo Industrial CL has implemented solutions for using waste, mainly from the iron and steel industry, by recovering and/or reusing it. The aim is to promote the sustainability of industrial activity and improve competitiveness, by strengthening the Group's companies' commitments in the fields of the circular economy and corporate social responsibility.

Further information

You can watch the video of Digimet's application presented by Igor Aristizabal,
Spin-Off Manager at TECNALIA Ventures and CEO and CFO of Digimet: