European ECOLABEL for paints and varnishes.

31 May 2023
Etiqueta ecológica europea para pinturas y barnices ECOLABEL

“The ECOLABEL label certifies that paints and varnishes meet stringent environmental and health standards”

The European Ecolabel for Paints and Varnishes (ECOLABEL) is an increasingly important label

The European ECOLABEL for paints is becoming an increasingly important label. Recognised throughout the European Union, this label certifies that paints and varnishes meet stringent environmental and health standards.

The European Ecolabel assures consumers that paints and varnishes have undergone rigorous testing and comply with established criteria for the protection of the environment and human health. With this label, paint manufacturers can show their commitment to sustainability and offer consumers a more responsible and conscious choice.

TECNALIA’s specialised services to obtain the European Ecolabel

TECNALIA develops a range of specialised services to ensure paint and varnish manufacturers are able to obtain the European Ecolabel. TECNALIA’s services include:

  •  Product evaluation: Rigorous testing and analyses to assess the compliance of paints and varnishes with the European Ecolabel criteria. This includes testing for emissions of toxic substances, ingredient analyses and environmental impact assessment.
  • Technical advice: TECNALIA experts provide technical advice to paint manufacturers, helping them to understand and comply with the requirements established by the European Ecolabel. This includes recommendations on product formulation, manufacturing processes and continuous improvement strategies.
  • Research and development: Promoting innovation in the paints and varnishes sector, researching and developing more sustainable technologies and materials.

The European Ecolabel for Paints and Varnishes promotes sustainable practices and protects consumers’ health. By choosing paints with this label, consumers help to look after the environment and maintain healthy indoor spaces.