Industry 5.0: people-centred digital technology

27 February 2024
Industria 5.0: tecnología digital centrada en la persona

“TECNALIA’s advanced interaction team works to enhance safety, improve worker performance, personalise the experience and optimise workflow”

Industry 5.0 is a concept that has emerged as an evolution of previous industrial paradigms, focused particularly on integrating people-centred digital technology

While previous generations such as Industry 4.0 focused on automation and the interconnection of systems, Industry 5.0 seeks to rebalance the relationship between humans and machines in the work environment.

The people-oriented strategy in industry 5.0 involves, among others, aspects such as:

  • Human-machine collaboration: technologies such as artificial intelligence, collaborative robotics and augmented reality are used to improve productivity and safety in the workplace, allowing humans to focus on tasks that require unique skills such as creativity, judgement and empathy.
  • Customisation and flexibility: technology solutions are designed to adapt to individual capabilities, meaning that work roles can be more flexible.

Differentiating technologies

TECNALIA’s Advanced Interaction team is working on enhancing safety, improving worker performance, personalising the experience and optimising workflow. This team focuses on defining the human factors involved in the work environment through different projects that apply differentiating technologies:

  • Development of an advanced trust classification (AI) system in collaborative work environments where robots collaborate with humans.
  • A real-time emotion recognition system using sensors and physiological monitoring devices.
  • Development of human-centred solutions that address the needs of both workers and robots, enabling them to work together efficiently and safely.

The people-oriented strategy in Industry 5.0 seeks to maximise human potential by integrating technology in an intelligent way. This not only benefits individual workers, but also drives the long-term success of companies in an increasingly digitalised and competitive environment.

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You are invited to watch the webinar that took place on February 13 on the role of human factors in Industry 5.0.

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