Introducing a new floating wind substation concept

22 November 2022
Presentación de ensayos de WIND2GRID

“TECNALIA has supported IDOM and NAUTILUS in the design of the top-side and the floating structure”

The results of the WIND2GRID initiative and the reduced scale model of the design for the floating substation were presented at the CEHIPAR facilities

On 26th October, the event to present the results of the WIND2GRID project's channel tests was held at CEHIPAR (El Pardo Hydrodynamics Experimental Centre). TECNALIA has provided IDOM and NAUTILUS with support in the design of the top-side and the floating structure. We have also been involved in the preparation of the channel testing campaign, which has been carried out in recent weeks.

The WIND2GRID initiative was launched in 2020, with the aim of promoting collaborative and integrative research and development of technologies, components and systems for new performance offshore substations, based on the development of a floating substation. The project consortium has been working over the years on the technical design of a prototype floating substation for the offshore wind sector, which has been tested in recent weeks.

Presentation of channel test results

The event was attended by representatives of the Basque Government, as well as national institutions, and more than 15 companies from the offshore wind sector with extensive experience in the sector. TECNALIA was represented by the experts in Offshore Renewables, Germán Pérez and Iñigo Mendikoa.

The conference demonstrated the sector's great interest in new floating substation solutions that can serve as a hub for future offshore wind farms, which are currently under development. The event discussed the first steps needed to turn this conceptual design and scaled-down model into Spain's first full-scale floating substation.

WIND2GRID Consortium

The WIND2GRID project is coordinated by the IDOM engineering firm. The consortium is made up of  PINE, ASTILLEROS MURUETA, CREDEBLUG, ERREKA FASTENING SOLUTIONS, GALVANIZADOS SALA, NAUTILUS FLOATING SOLUTIONS, NAVACEL, OGERCO and VIUDA DE SAINZ, the TECNALIA and BCMATERIALS technology centres and IBERDROLA as an expert technical advisor.

Project funded by the Basque Government’s Department for Economic Development, Sustainability and Environment (HAZITEK Programme) and the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER).